Hannan District High School had its beginning in the mid 1920s in the I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall on Guyan Creek not far from the Fairfield Methodist Church.  By 1929 Hannan District High School had its own brand new building on Palestine Ridge near Town Hall Grade School.  The first class of nine students graduated from the new school in 1929.  In the spring of 1937, the new school at Palestine along with a new gymnasium burned to the ground.  The next term, the students met in a lodge hall at Upland, across from John Wheaton's house.  By 1939 Hannan District High School again had a new building constructed by the W.P.A. near the lodge.  A new gymnasium was then added in 1957 followed by a new cafeteria and classrooms.   A vocational building was completed in 1984.  In 1992, Hannan Elementary was closed and the high school utilized those classrooms.  In 2006, a newly renovated and unified building was opened.
 Hannan High School is a small, 7-12, single A school located on Ashton Upland Road which connects Milton, WV and State Route 2 at Ashton, WV.    Hannan, the smallest of three high schools in Mason County, has a school enrollment  of 260 students and a faculty of 28.
 Hannan High School 's mission is to educate and prepare all students to become life long learners.

 Hannan is a Professional Learning Community with ongoing work sessions and reflection meetings to enhance curriculum opportunities for all. We are dedicated to providing a safe, orderly environment for our life-long learners. Our partnerships are beneficial in the success of every student and we encourage everyone to support our school.