If a paper copy of assignments is needed please call the school.  


Students-- All assignments will be graded.  If you do not have a printer you may complete the work on notebook paper but remember to label the assignment and include your name.   Assignments can be completed in an email or word/google document and emailed to your teacher if you wish to turn it in to your teacher before we return to school.

*If you need your Office 365 (email), Google (gmail and docs), iXL or your LiveGrades login please email Mrs. Weikle at clweikle@k12.wv.us.

If you need your Aleks login please email your teacher.

Email addresses can be found by clicking "Faculty" at the top of the page.

Maloney-English 7, 9, 11

Page-Lowery English 

Page-Lowery English 2

Lowery Academic Enrichment

Tinsley- English 8 & 10 (Complete your recommended activities on iXL)

Tinsley - English 12 Senior Project


Mr. and Mrs. Burns (Please check LiveGrades or ALEKS for assignments)

Taylor math 7-8

Page & Taylor math 9-10

Lowery math



Duff_Forensic day 1-5     Duff_Forensic day 6-10

Duff_7th grade_Day 1-5   Duff_7th grade_Day6-10

Duff_Earth_Science_Day_1    Duff_Earth_Science_Day_2    Duff_Earth_Science_Day_3    Duff_Earth_Science_Day_4    Duff_Earth_Science_Day_5  

Duff_Earth Science Days 6-10

Duff_Chem days 1-5    Duff_Chem days 6-10

Kidwell Anatomy

Kidwell Forensics

Kidwell Biology

Kidwell 8th grade


Wolford--All classes

Lambert-- All classes



Humphreys-all classes


Thomas & Wallace-PE & Wellness

Thomas & Wallace Health

Wallace Drivers Ed






Solomon 2020 HS Supp Pages

Cyberbullying Worksheet 2 Intro to Majors

Color Meaning Chart



Carlisle-Music, Choir, and Band




Polcyn 1st period

Polcyn 2nd period

Polcyn 4th period

Polcyn 7th period

Polcyn 8th & 9th periods



Douthit-Agriculture Instructions

Douthit Measuring Assignment

Douthit Ag Careers Assignment

Douthit-Human-Needs Assignment

Douthit-Ag-and-Human-Needs Powerpoint

Douthit Ag Careers Presentation